Road Trip Plan in Motion.

So I still have 9 or 10  posts pending in regards to trips that I took last year. Two to Charlotte to visit my little sister, and a few distributed among our Africa & Asia trips.

Since I have already posted 17 on most trips from the last years, I kind of want a break from the flash-backs, and want to focus on the present & definitely the future. The trip that we currently have in the works is officially less than 5 weeks out, and it is going to be one for the books. Brad & I are planning our first African Road Trip!!!!

Our journey will begin in Johannesburg, South Africa since we both stop there anyways. That way we can head into The Royal Indian near Mandela Square in Sandton City (we are staying at the Radisson right across from the train station), for what I consider to be the best garlic naan & chicken korma that I have ever had. They just get it sooooo right. After we get some rest, we have an early flight the next morning to Cape Town… The plan as of this moment is to hike Table Mountain because last time we took the cable car (post to follow soon), and go Shark Cage Diving (I’m planning on using Apex Predators)because we did not last time because the weather was dreary and cold.

From Capetown, we will be taking a small plane up to Windhoek, Namibia where we will be picking up a 4×4 vehicle to head out into the wilderness. The first thing we must do is to ensure that we have plenty of water and snacks before we head off into the untamed wild. Our first stop, Sossusvlei to see the beautiful Sand Dunes of the Namib-Naukluft National ParkNamib-Naukluft National Park in the Namib Desert. After a day and half there, and a possible hot-air balloon ride, the plan is to drive north to Walvis Bay. Here, we have the ability to go kayaking and interact with the large seal colony, as the seal like to come up to the kayaks for a quick ‘hello’! We also, would be able to see the flamingos that wander aimlessly on the beaches.

After spending the night in Walvis Bay, we would head north, potentially, following the dusty rough roads north up the Skeleton Coast with the intent to enter the National Park.  I can’t imagine that we would spend much time there. But, I do believe it would be an incredible thing to witness, and to be able to say that we have been there.  Once we wrap up that experience we would then begin the next extensive drive into Etosha National Park, where we would be spending the next night or two, just depending on our needs.

The journey would take us onward to Botswana, where we would take on the Okavango Delta & Chobe National Park. Then on to Victoria Falls to experience the Lunar Rainbow & possibly spend a little time through Zimbabwe in Hwange National Park and Zambia, as well.

It feels like we have bit off too much to chew, but I know this trip journey, will be an incredible experience. From what I understand, a fair amount of the Namibian people still live in their traditional villages, and because there has not been an influx of Chinese influence or money, there are still vast amounts of wildlife roaming free.


I truly cannot wait to share more about this trip with you when the time comes.. But for now, here is a potential map of what is to come! If anyone has anything to share… Please don’t hesitate!!! africa-map


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