Bon Voyage.

My first post:

I guess I will share a little about myself.

My name is Natalie. My life is a little on the unconventional side. I’m 28 & am voluntarily living with my parents, my small yorkie named Zanzibar, and my younger sister’s dog named Macy…. I know, you are probably thinking, “but why do you still live with your parents?”. Well,  I’m married to a rather rad man named Brad who is a mining engineer & who currently is working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo until further notice. We have the means for a house of our own, but honestly I have no desire to spend a majority of my days in a house alone with my dog missing my husband. With my husband’s crazy job we are able to do a lot of amazing traveling..  So, by living with my parents,  I get to have family dinners on a regular basis, don’t have to worry about my house or my pup while my husband & I are overseas, and the money we save on a mortgage gets to be added to our travel fund. It’s a pretty sweet setup.

Here is a picture of me & my main squeeze on our last big adventure through & extras 352.JPG

Our personal history: Brad & I went to high school together here in Arizona, but we weren’t really friends until college. No, we didn’t go to the same universities, but we hit it off right away when we met back up one summer while hanging out with our mutual friends & we continued to stay in touch. On Brad’s 21st birthday I figured out that he was my best friend. He was usually the first & last person I spoke to during the day. We both dated other people on & off… but then I met one of the girls he was dating, and I knew things would eventually have to change & I wasn’t down with that. So the tables turned and a few months later things were beginning to change. We started dating which was an odd transition, but I am so glad we did. I now get to see the world with my best friend in the whole world!

Soooo, here are some of our adventures. I will share my “do”s, “don’t”s, and “wish we would have”s.

You’ll experience my evolution as a traveler… and a photographer. haha

Please leave comments, ask question & if you have feedback to share for other travelers we want to hear it.

I’m also related to 2 flight attendants (my mother & sister) & have lot’s of friends that get bit by the travel bug, too. You can expect some guest articles from them, also! Can’t wait! Let’s do this!

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The Compulsive Traveler

out to see the world, and snap beautiful photos while doing so.

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